Our Story

Graham’s Testimony and Ministry Preparation

Although I was raised in a godly family, I rejected the gospel for years. After a long time of doubting and questioning God, I accepted Christ as my savior when I was 15 years old. Since then I have wanted to share the message of salvation with the world. Shortly after I surrendered my life to serve Him on the mission field.

After graduating high-school I moved to Alpharetta, Georgia to train at the Our Generation Training Center to learn from Austin Gardner and the rest of the pastoral staff at Vision Baptist Church. God taught me valuable lessons in my two years at the OGTC.

After completing my training at the OGTC, I moved to Santiago, Chile for four months to learn from veteran missionary Jason Holt and his ministry there. In Chile, I received hands-on, practical training for the mission field, on the mission field.

I believe that God has guided me to the country of Nigeria, and I trust Him to use me. I have seen Him work in my life, time, and time again. He has used me to see people saved, discipled, and baptized. I am incredibly excited for the next steps He has for Olivia and me.

Olivia’s Testimony

Although raised in church all my life, it was not until I was thirteen that I understood I needed to be saved. I realized that my sin was separating me from God and that the only way to be made right with Him was to believe in Jesus. I believed the Gospel at a youth camp and shortly thereafter surrendered to missions. The Lord put a dream in my heart to be a missionary since then.

Ever since that day, God has been working through my life. He has given me many opportunities to serve at Vision Baptist Church, including children’s ministry, discipleship, and working as a secretary for Jeff Bush, director of Vision Baptist Missions. He has been preparing me for life on the mission field through training at the OGTC. I am excited to see how the Lord will use Graham and me on the mission field.